The Home of an Art


Since the end of the XIX century the shop of Torrini 1369  has been located in Florence’s historic center, right in Piazza Duomo. It inherited the tradition of Torrini goldsmiths’ lineage and offers the public the chance to come in contact with the collections that over time, until now, have shaped its identity and testified the legacy of its long journey through the art of goldsmithing in all its forms.

Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Accessories.

A collection of over 12.000 models preserved by Torrini Goldsmith Workshop over time. A heritage only partly documented here by archive photographs for informational purposes.

Models that can only be imitated in appearance but not in their constructional quality, since they are the result of undisclosed skills that will never be shared with anyone in the world.

It’s the "home of an art" that combines design and manufacturing skills inherited from the medieval and the Renaissance period with a proven ability to represent the present time, in order to grant our customers’ wishes. We have always lived as goldsmiths, and that’s what we’ll always be.


Because “Customer Service” is written in capital letters, over here!

Francesca Torrini


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