Hands, the center of our universe

Everything is born, everything is transformed. Torrini Trademark’s path twists and turns, starting from the medieval workshop, first owned by Jacopus in Scarperia (a small town close to Florence), lives through the Renaissance, and gets to the present day. The common thread is represented by two elements, clear and intangible: the Trademark and the Hands.
While our Trademark has stayed the same since it was registered by Jacopus in Florence in 1369, the Hands changed over time, for over 6 centuries, leaving a legacy of absolute excellence. Hence today’s Hands are the latest of a never-ending story. Without compromise.
We have always been goldsmith artisans, the old-fashioned way. In our factory, we create jewels using all kinds of metals and materials, such as gold, silver, bronze, marble, semiprecious stones, leather, wood, glass, fabrics. The same as Florentine artisans did in their workshops during the Renaissance.
First, we think carefully about the item we intend to create, then we begin by drawing a sketch and developing it into a technical drawing, then we start working on a prototype in order to get to the actual manufacturing process.
We are always committed to do better than yesterday, knowing that today’s results will probably be worse than tomorrow’s.


The design
The Fire
The Crucible
The Hands
The Hands
The Hands
The Finishing
The Finishing
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